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The Beat Hotel

The Beat Hotel     lyrics by john hostetter  1992

Whenever you feel existential
and need to cool out for a spell
pick up on a pad with potential
check in to the beat hotel
the scene is like cozy yet squalid
the better to flip, groove and jive
this joint is so frantic it's solid
the beat hotel's a crazy dive

go dig you'll flip your wig
when the cats commence to blow
far out beyond a doubt
they're so gone man where'd they go

so jettison all of your drags man
get mellow and bid them farewell
some hipster just split with your bags man
welcome to the beat hotel

Yep roc ha reesay tunisia mak vout
moon up aroonie exotic humish
yep roc areenie mak voutie aw reet
vanda mak vootie kubishi ya ha
ye who ku floy floy roo eenie ka ba
yep roc kubishi putti putti vout
say mopp
diggin Dizzy's
crazy night out in Tunisia
while the moon and stars are swinging
in the sky abobba rebop

whenever you feel existential
it's time to cool out for a spell
the only thing that is essential
check in to the beat hotel
Index your pablum! Atomic mists!
Your rusty eggs lay fallow in the heat lamps of robot eyes!
Born in broken sheets of time, slaps feather the wind!
Open this stainless steel morning drunken with isotopes!
Open wall-less windows with silent words!
Open your anxious countdown to oblivion!

Later in the mad rush to the library of yawns
Some cat stops you begging silver tears!
And your shadow stains some noontime café
With the final magic of relativity!