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Ridiculous Lyrics

1. Long Long Road   8. Adios Mi Pedos
2. 89 Dodge Colt   9. Jelly Jar Blues
3. Looking For The Boogie   10. The Beat Hotel
4. Avocado   11. Bubba Coyote
5. I Will Be Your King   12. The Devil And The Dove
6. Born To Sing   13. Guinness/The Parting Glass
7. Hole In The Ground    
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This all started when my high school friend, Kaye Krebs, suggested that I write a song for our 50th reunion.  I eventually did, and asked a bandmate from college, Skip Henry, who lives in North Carolina, if he would play some guitar and mandolin on the song.  His son has a home studio, and so with the help of Sonny Yambor, my studio guru, I sent them my vocal and guitar tracks.  Skip and his boys, Grant and Adam, who played bass and percussion, laid down their tracks and sent them back.  I'm thinking, “This is very cool.  Sonny could send my tracks to any number of my old bandmates and I could get to play with them again”.  And thus this album began...

Long Long Road...for the class of '64, the last one to graduate from Eichelberger High in Hanover, Pa.  I love that my classmate, Kaye, is on this song.  We were voted most musical way back when.

'89 Dodge Colt is an homage to a car that served us well for 22 years. The irony is that it conked out just after I recorded this song.

Looking For The Boogie was written in the mid-70's. It walks a fine line twixt tasteless and entertaining.  I can tell you it's quite a sight when everyone in the room starts to shake their funky fingers.

Avocado is a true story.  Del and I watched that little seed grow into a somewhat mighty tree.  Plus we very much enjoyed the guacamole.

I Will Be Your King gave me a chance to get back together with my old partners, The Mighty Echoes.  Twenty five years later they are still going strong.

Born To Sing pays tribute to the legendary Terry Reid, a rock hero of mine who by chance became a friend.  He was gracious enough to share his magical voice on the outro of this ditty.

Hole In The Ground sprang from the realization that many of the world's power hungry evildoers come to humble and ignominious ends. I thought it'd be fun to dance on their graves a bit.
  Adios Mi Pedos always got me some laughs back in the Berkeley days. I called on my original translator, Nancy Mena Bell, to help with this update.  The song is about the death of a farting matador.

Jelly Jar Blues mashes up a real old drinking song of mine with a chorus about my bluesier alter ego, Jelly Jar. It features a bum wine harp solo supreme by Mark Hodgson.

The Beat Hotel was the theme song from a show we did long ago at the Olio in L.A..
I put new lyrics to a Dizzy ditty.  The poem at the end I wrote for my first film role, playing a beatnik poet in 'Heartbeat” with Nick Nolte.

Bubba Coyote tells the story of a swampy small town shamanand the mysterious woman who more than matched his wisdom
with some ancient magic of her

The Devil & The Dove has enjoyed a few incarnations. Needing it to really rock, I turned to Grant Henry, a.k.a. Stemage, to blow the cobwebs off of it.  He did!

Guinness/The Parting Glass starts with a poem I wrote for a contest to win a pub. Roger Steffens gives it a delicious reading and I follow with a gentle rendering of a traditional Scottish/Irish song of farewell.

4'44” twists a kaleidoscope on my favorite quote from Gertrude Stein. Weaving among dozens of creative touchstones in my life,
this collage gives a scary glimpse of what's going on inside my head.

1. Long Long Road (4:41)
    J.H. / vocal, guitar, harmonica
    Skip Henry / guitar, mandolin
    Grant Henry / bass
    Adam Henry / percussion
    Kaye Krebs / keyboards, vocal

2. '89 Dodge Colt (4:54)
    J.H. / vocal, guitar, harmonica
    Bob Thames / keyboard
    Justin Innamorato / bass
    Michael Welch / drums

3. Looking For The Boogie (3:53)
    J.H. / vocal, guitar
    Mike Kaye / bass
    Tommy Dunbar / lead guitar,
           drum programming
    Lois Ridgdill / keyboards
    Alaia Luna / vocal
    Mark Hodgson / boogieman

4. Avocado (1:49)
    J.H. / vocal, guitar
    Del Appleby / vocal
    Lois Ridgdill / keyboard
    Barbara Burton / viola da gamba

5. I Will Be Your King (3:03)
    J.H. / lead vocal, guitar
    Jon Rubin / 1st tenor
    John Lathan / 2nd tenor
    Harvey Shield / baritone
    Charles Davis / bass vocal
    Bob Thames / piano
    Justin Innamorato / bass
    Thom Chambers / sax

6. Born To Sing (5:49)
    J.H. / vocal, guitar
    Chuck Archard / bass
    Ron Cangro / drums
    Terry Reid / featured vocal

7. Hole In The Ground (3:22)
    J.H. / vocal, guitar
    Skip Henry / guitar, banjo, mandolin
    Mike Kaye / bass
    Adam Floyd / fiddle


8. Adios Mi Pedos (3:48)
    J.H. / vocal, guitar, percussion
    Alan Sorvall / lead guitar
    Jim Dulfer / guitar
    Dick Cuchetti / trumpet
    Dean Chance / bass

9. Jelly Jar Blues (4:16)
    J.H. / vocal, guitar
    Dan Walters / bass, keyboards
    Michael Welch / drums
    Mark Hodgson / harmonica
    Kem McNair / dobro
    Del Appleby / vocals

10. The Beat Hotel ( 4:12)
    J.H. / vocal
    David Borden / keyboard, arranger
    Gabriel Borden / lead guitar
    Chuck Archard / bass
    Ron Cangro / drums

11.Bubba Coyote (5:53)
    J.H. / vocal, guitar, dulcimer
    Rick de Yampert / flute
    Jim Dulfer / guitar, lap steel
    Justin Innamorato / bass
    Jimmy Bunn / drums
    Gary Buckels / reverse guitar
    Del Appleby / voiceover
    Lois Ridgdill / vocals

12. The Devil and The Dove (4:43)
    J.H. / vocal, guitar, tamboura
    Grant Henry / electric guitars, drums
    Adam Henry / tabla
    Rick de Yampert / sitar
    Lois Ridgdill / vocals

13. The Parting Glass (3:37)
    J.H. / vocal, guitar, penny whistle
    Susan Trump / dulcimer
    Adam Floyd / fiddle
    Roger Steffens / spoken word

14. 4'44” (4:44)
    J.H. / voiceover
    Del Appleby / v.o., John Allen Cann / v.o.,
    Charles Davis / v.o., Dean Jarboe / v.o.   
    Mike Kaye / bass