The Print Store

12 X 15 in. [mat size]

image approx. 7 X 9.5in.


All of my prints are done with indelible pigments on archival paper
in conservation matting

The print you purchase is technically known as a giclee (zhee klay).  The word comes from the French and means a spray of pigment.

These giclee prints are created from high resolution digital scans of the original paintings using a 7-color Epson ink-jet printer.

The process provides better color accuracy than other means of reproduction.
Some of my pictures are more square than rectangular so the image and the mat sizes must be adapted slightly to create the best aesthetic visual balance.
16 X 20in. [mat size]

image approx. 9 X 12in.

20 X 24 in. [mat size]

image approx. 12.75 X 17 in.

There will be an additional charge for shipping
and handling relative to size of print being mailed.