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Most of these songs were written during the 70's when I was known
as John The Beast (don't ask), and have stood the test of time...
better than The Beast, whom I killed in the recently penned title cut.
There is a tip of the hat to my new main drag, Flagler Ave., and some
lyrical use of Samuel Beckett's work.  Thom Chambers recorded this cd
in his home studio and adds some fine sax and flute in the mix.
All the works on this cd are instrumental and were recorded in 1985 by
Scott Fraser in his L.A. studio.  It is an eclectic blend of what might
be called atmospheric pieces which convey many moods... from the
primal mists of "Agni" to the chunky rocker "Cosmonotony".
Henry Spurgeon and Scott cover the keyboards and I get to swing
freely between guitars, tabla, harmonium, harmonica, flute and anything
not nailed down.

I wrote and recorded these songs the last year I lived in L.A.  The
only exception being "Bending Over My Guitar" which came back to me
that year out of the past.  The ditties have an intrinsic weave that
surprised me.  There are songs for both Elvis and Skip Spence, from
Moby Grape, plus our cat Graybeaux.  "I'll Used To Be" seems to capture
the moment of transition I was in.  And "Dressed In Black" satisfies the
rap/madrigal crowd.  
Also two songs were written that year in New Smyrna
Beach, my 'future' home at the time.