The Pirates
              A merry band of musicmakers who ply their trade
              by the shores of New Smyrna Beach, Florida


 The Studs
              60's rock group from Salisbury, N.C., known for
              their tight harmonies and even tighter pants.


  Mark Hodgson
                    A harmonica virtuoso with a bedrock voice and
                encyclopedic guitar chops


     The Mighty Echoes
                    A Cappella Doo Wop & New Wop


     Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co.
                    Music of machined intricacy, like a metal-plated Bach fugue

An independent freeform radio station from the New York City area

     Robert Hudson
Percussionist and webmaster


 Samuel Ruder



      Lord Buckley
                  Purple Pope of the Poetical Patois       


   Brother Blue
           He brings Homer to the streets