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Jelly Jar Blues

Jelly Jar Blues    music and lyrics by john hostetter  1967/1998/2013
A                          E          D                     A
When I'm feelin down I pick up my guitar
A                                   E                     D            A
start drinking red red wine from an old jelly jar
A                              E              D                     A
when I can see my voice and I can hear my shoes
A                                  E                     D            A
that's when I start to sing them old jelly jar blues
Am  Em            G           A         Am  Em            G           A
oh    yeah them jelly jar blues  oh    yeah them jelly jar blues

A                                    E               
I went drinking with a good friend of mine
D                             A
we got drunk on a big box of wine
A                                          E   
we drank so much that we squeezed dry the vine
D                                            A
and when I got home I was feeling quite fine
Am Em              G                   A          Am Em              G                   A               
oh   yeah   I was feeling quite fine      oh   yeah I was feeling quite fine  

I've only been drinking I guess once or twice
some folks don't like it but I think that it's nice
I get warm and happy and I ignore advice
and I wait til tomorrow to pay back the price

Harp solo

if you've got some money then everything's alright
we'll go buy some wine and take time to get tight
we'll be best of friends cause there's no sense to fight
with a jug and a lady and the rest of the night