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I Will Be Your King

I Will Be Your King   lyrics and music by john hostetter  1980

F                         Dm7
Darling take my hand
Gm                  C
we can walk together
F                         Dm7
we can show the world
Gm                       A7
that our love is forever
     Gm     C         F      Dm7
and I will be your king
   Gm         C       F          C
if you will be my queen

Let the people talk about us
who needs the hassle
we'll steal away
to our Camelot castle
and I will be your king
if you will be my queen

Hold me close darling tighter
that's all you have to do
      F                                           F7
to make all my lonely dreams come true
I knew when I first saw you
didn't take a second look
to know our love was something
from a story book

You'll sit on a throne
I'll shower you with presents
we could take a walk
just to talk to the peasants
and I will be you king
if you will be my queen