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Hole In The Ground

Hole In The Ground       words and music by john hostetter  2012

A                                      D
Look what we found in a hole in the ground
E                                        D               A
It’s a dirty old dictator in a hole in the ground
A                                                  D
Pull him out and kill him maybe kick him around
         E                                             D               A
Then stick him right on back in that hole in the ground

Let the worms get at him let them have their fun
Eat his nose and chew his toes until their work is done
Turn him into compost and then spread him all around
He might finally do some good in a hole in the ground

He might lust for power he might lust for wealth
But once that lust gets busted it ain't good for his health
That’s when the mansions crumble and the statues get pulled down
And the only thing he’s lusting for is a hole in the ground


Considering the pain he caused the misery and death
Don’t give a second thought to his last rotten breath
Cause in the final tally there’s a lesson to be found
The destiny for such as he is a hole in the ground


Remember Adolph Hitler and of course Saddam Hussein
And goofy old Ghadafi hiding in that sewer drain
Their madness was remarkable their evil quite profound
And in the end their only friend was a hole in the ground