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Bubba Coyote

Bubba Coyote   music and lyrics by john hostetter 2009

He is a redneck-ed shaman
His dreams are deep and uncommon
He lives on fish and peyote
They call him Bubba, Bubba Coyote
I heard he once was a sailor
But now he lives in a trailer
Somewhere down by the water
Nobody goes there but the beekeeper’s daughter
Her heart was broke but he fixed her
Cause he’s got the gift of the trickster
He took down a book from the shelf
And then he showed her the page of herself
She learned the myth of her magic
The years of tears and fears, the joyous, the tragic
Suddenly she felt alright
Out of the darkness she saw the light
with Bubba...Bubba Coyote
He is a healer, revealer, and sort of a saint
He likes to live in a world where the rest of us ain’t

Bubba and the beekeeper’s daughter
Practice all those things that he taught her
She makes a circle of fire in the air
With the wave of her hand it’s no longer there
Sometimes long after midnight
You can see shadows dance in the moonlight
Their feet seem to move to some distant vibration
They sing a song to the dawn of creation
Bubba...Bubba Coyote

The dawn star climbs the crescent mountain
Peyote woman brings the morning water
Her song baptizes the moon drink her spirit
Marry in the river of time

Bubba and the beekeeper's daughter got hitched
cause she was bewildered and he was bewitched
and one day while cruising to the 7-11
she turned and said “Bubba, could this be heaven?”
He said yeah it’s right here and it’s there all the time
In the ridiculous and the sublime
he reached on over and he gave her a squeeze
she smiled out the window, just diggin' the breeze

Bubba... Bubba Coyote