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Born To Sing

Born To Sing       lyrics and music by john hostetter  2000/2013

This song belongs to terry reid  I don't know how it ends
it's about wild magic and the ancient path of friends
in the river the ripples and stones know his name
and the sun and the silver white light share the same

          confessions of yes as he calls them to play
          when the dark of the night is burning away
          the dancers awaken the streets with his song
          and the creatures of joy have all come along
                   we've all made choices that leave tender scars
                   but few here have voices that come from the stars

life is to live and to laugh is the key
that opens the heart of all mystery
when one is blessed one shares with the rest
although the giving becomes its own test
                   but the gift to all of those who are listening
                   is the simple fact that terry reid was born to sing

I saw him open for the stones in baltimore in 1969
took my girl to see him in the seventies in san francisco
yeah he was still sounding fine
in l.a. on a bill with spirit and moby grape  down at the house of blues
he was wearing a sharp white suit and a pair of blue suede shoes.
                   Of course i've got all of his records i've been a fan for oh so long
                   for the very simple reason terry reid  was born to sing a song

his laughter swings with all the tears of every jester down the years
spiriting a channeled sound that gathers up from underground
the presence of a deeper soul beyond those sins of rock and roll
a seer in a shadowed world where gypsy children spin and twirl
                   where every single living thing
                   knows terry reid was born to sing

This song belongs to terry reid  I don't know how it ends