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Avocado        words and music by john hostetter  1981

D                                      A
We spent the day down eating by the sea
D                                       A
and now we're home we have a spot of tea
D7                                       G
and guess what we do my baby and me
                         A                   D             A
we're going to plant an avocado tree

D                             A
my baby gives me all the dirt I need
D                                    A
and then she helps for me to plant the seed
D7                                        G                               A
you put the pebbles in the bottom water to the top
                         D                       A      D             A
I hope my avocado never stop.........growing

D                                    A
inside each fruit there lies another tree
D                                             A
what you don't plant makes great guacamole
D7                         G                                   A
avocado good for you avocado good for me
               D                               A
avocado good for avocado....that's what they say
D                               A          
good for avocado....hip hip hooray
D                           A    D
good for avocado.......growing