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89 Dodge Colt

89 Dodge Colt             music and lyrics by john hostetter 2012

I've got an 89 dodge colt / station wagon. It's blue.                       A    G
It's got some rust up on the roof I gotta get to                               A    E
It's a honkedelic relic given to us by my mother in law                  A    G
when we lived in l.a. back around '92                                               A    E  A

it still runs good after all those years mainly thanks to bob
the radio works fine but the a/c's shot
the back seats both fold forward so I can load up my band stuff
and  i've got my system down so it holds a lot
chorus:   G      E           A      G        E           A    G      E          C7     B7        A
                boy I like my car, man I like my car, girl I really really like my car
I keep the oil changed and I take care of what it needs
right now the mileage is around 75 thou
we don't take it out on road trips I mean why push our luck
but i'll tell you it's perfect just for getting 'round town

well I call this mobile ubu named after the king
in the play called ubu roi by alfred jarry
jarry was a smart ass frenchman who invented ‘pataphysics
that's the science of  imaginary solutions don't you see
chorus (ubu bu bu...)

we had a good old cadillac that we recently let go
cause two cars was a luxury for us
my wife just drives on sundays and for errands now and then
and the caddy had no room to haul my stuff

so we sold it to the dealership for about eight hundred bucks
we got rid of those insurance payments too
she misses those power windows, comfy seats and cool a/c
but I think she'll learn to love good old ubu
chorus(ubu bu bu...)

now let's get back to alfred he lived in old paree
he had a big affect on picasso and that crew
he loved his bicycle, wore a pistol,  kept two owls in his loft
and they say he drank too much absinthe and that's true

now alfred lived to write a lot of  strange and wondrous things
about how we imagine who we really are
he said god is the tangential point between zero and infinty
which means god might be right beside me in my car
chorus: boy I like my car man I like my car girl I really really like my car

well we do what we do when we don't have a clue, and the emptiness seems to screw up the view
that's when imagination comes in to play
how we strive to survive, what we drive when we drive, and just how high we jump to the jive
gettin' ‘pataphysical every single day

here in the land of opposites exceptions meet and greet
sometimes they revel and sometimes they revolt
and what you choose to use to cruise can be a muse to lose the blues
alfred had a bicyle and i got my dodge colt
chorus: boy I like my car man I like my car girl I really really like my car